Directors of Graduate Studies

This page has contact information for Graduate Directors, also called Graduate Advisors. Please locate your program within its associated college.

Graduate Studies Office

Program Name Email Phone
Graduate Studies: General Inquiries 304-696-2975
Graduate Admissions 304-696-4723
Assistant Provost for Graduate Studies Carl Mummert 304-696-6156

College of Arts and Media

Program Name Email Phone
Journalism Robert Rabe 304-696-4636
Music Wendell Dobbs
Stephen Lawson

Lewis College of Business

Program Name Email Phone
Accessibility Awareness, Certificate Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Accountancy, M.S. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Business Administration, D.B.A. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Business Administration, M.B.A. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Health Care Administration, M.S. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Information Systems, M.S. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Health Informatics, M.S. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Human Resource Management, M.S. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Management Practice in Nurse Anesthesia, D.N.A.P. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Nursing Informatics, Certificate Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Online Data Analytics in Health Care, Certificate Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964
Sport Administration, M.S. Wes Spradlin 304-746-8964

College of Education and Professional Development

Program Name Email Phone
Adult & Continuing Education, M.S. Feon Smith-Branch 304-696-2381
Counseling, M.A. Darlene Daneker 304-696-2913
Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D. Lisa Heaton 304-746-2026
Curriculum and Instruction Ed.S. Lisa Heaton 304-746-2026
Early Childhood Education, Certificate Ruthann Arneson 304-696-6478
Education, M.A. Kimberly McFall 304-746-8975
Educational Leadership, Ed.D. Bobbi Nicholson 304-746-2094
Elementary Math Specialist, Certificate McKenzie Brittain 304-746-8983
Instructional Technology & Learning, Certificate Lisa Heaton 304-746-2026
Leadership Specialist, M.A. Dennis Anderson 304-746-8989
Library Media Specialist, Certificate Kimberly McFall 304-746-8975
Literacy Education Barbara O’Byrne 304-746-1986
Math thru Algebra I, Certificate McKenzie Brittain 304-746-8983
Math Education McKenzie Brittain 304-746-8983
School Principalship, Licensure Eugenia Lambert 304-746-1913
School Psychology, Ed.S. Lanai Jennings 304-746-2067
Special Education, M.A. Debra Conner-Lockwood 304-696-2340
Social Services and Attendance Workers, Certificate Eugenia Lambert 304-746-1913
Teaching, M.A.T. Thomas Cooper 304-746-1909
Teaching English as a Second Language, Certificate Nega Debela 304-746-8931

College of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Program Name Email Phone
Computer Science, M.S. Paulus Wahjudi 304-696-5443
Cybersecurity, M.S. Paulus Wahjudi 304-696-5443
Data Science, M.S. Paulus Wahjudi 304-696-5443
Electrical & Computer Engineering, M.S.EE. Paulus Wahjudi 304-696-5443
Engineering, Civil and Environmental M.S.E. Isaac Wait 304-696-5444
Engineering, Engineering Management M.S.E. Mohammad Alzarrad 304-696-5705
Environmental Science, M.S. Scott Simonton 304-746-2045
Environmental, Safety, and Health, M.S. Scott Simonton 304-746-2045
Mechanical Engineering, M.S.ME. Asad Salem 304-696-3207
Safety, M.S. Jim McIntosh 304-696-3113

College of Health Professions

Program Name Email Phone
Athletic Training, M.S. Zach Garrett 304-696-2924
Biomechanics, M.S. Suzanne Konz 304-696-2926
Communication Disorders, M.S. Pamela Holland 304-696-2985
Dietetics, M.S. Kelli Williams 304-696-4336
Exercise Science, M.S. Robert Powell 304-696-2513
Nursing, M.S.N. Rebecca Appleton 304-696-2632
Doctor of Nursing Practice, D.N.P. Deborah Chapa 304-696-3530
Physical Therapy, D.P.T. Yi-Po Chiu 304-696-5611
Public Health, M.P.H. Anthony Woart 304-696-2718
Social Work, M.S.W. Peggy Proudfoot Harman 304-696-3146

College of Liberal Arts

Program Name Email Phone
Appalachian Studies, Certificate Eric Lassiter 304-746-1923
Communication Studies, M.A. Stephen Underhill 304-696-3020
English, M.A. Jana Tigchelaar 304-696-3129
Geography, M.A. James Leonard 304-696-4626
Geography, M.S. James Leonard 304-696-4626
History, M.A. Bob Deal 304-696-2721
Humanities, M.A. Eric Lassiter 304-746-2022
Latin, Certificate Del Chrol
Nonprofit Management, Certificate Damien Arthur
Psychology, AMD David Pittenger 304-696-2818
Psychology, Clinical M.A. Tom Linz 304-696-2775
Psychology, General M.A. April Fugett 304-696-5268
Psychology, Psy.D. Keith Beard 304-696-2781
Public Administration, M.P.A. Damien Arthur 304-696-2764
Sociology, M.A. Boniface Noyongoyo 304-696-2799
Women’s Studies, Certificate Hilary Brewster 304-696-6613

College of Science

Program Name Email Phone
Biological Sciences, M.A. Herman Mays 304-696-6692
Biological Sciences, M.S. Herman Mays 304-696-6692
Chemistry, M.S. Mike Norton 304-696-3489
Criminal Justice, M.S. Kim DeTardo-Bora 304-696-3084
Digital Forensics, Certificate Lauren Waugh 304-691-8940
Forensic Science, M.S. Lauren Waugh 304-691-8940
Mathematics, M.A. JiYoon Jung 304-696-3285
Natural Resources & Environment Mindy Yeager-Armstead 304-696-2923
Physical and Applied Sciences, M.S. Jon Saken 304-696-2753
Physics, M.S. Jon Saken 304-696-2753

School of Pharmacy

Program Name Email Phone
Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm.D. Terri Moran 304-696-7325
Pharmaceutical Sciences, M.A. Timothy Long 304-696-7393
Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, M.S. Timothy Long 304-696-7393

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Program Name Email Phone
Biomedical Sciences, non-thesis, M.S. Todd Green 304-696-3531
Biomedical Sciences, M.S. Richard Egleton 304-696-3523
Biomedical Sciences, Ph.D. Richard Egleton 304-696-3523
Physician Assistant Program, M.M.S. Ginger Boles 304-696-6035

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